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“Mišić Group” LTD was founded as a small car repair shop in 1989, by Stanko Mišić, now a director, and his son Dušan, at 144 Dimitrija Tucovića Street, Belgrade, Serbia.

The workshop started with 3 employees and the core business was basic car repairing. In 1992 the company specialized in machining engine parts, but maintained its car repairing functions. The development of engine machining was further advanced by buying new machines from the “Berco” company in 1997 and also by the growth of the local market. The company has expanded to more than 20 employees and 15 machines of larger dimensions for machining engine parts.

Presently, our personnel consists of 3 mechanical engineers with decades of experience on engine repairing and machining, 6 milling machine operators, 2 grinding machine operators, 3 qualified mechanics working on assembling and disassembling of the engine, a highly qualified welder, a worker that tests engine heads at operating temperatures on modern machinery and 4 workers responsible for administrative and general jobs. The company has also modernized with new machines (total of 22), which enable more precise and best quality engine repairing and machining.

After more than 20 years of successful business, the “Mišić Group” company is one of the leading firms in the field of engine machining in the region. Numerous satisfied clients are a true testament to that. Assure yourself! Come and visit us!